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CC Sakura ~ Gashapon (incomplete set - 3 pieces)


I'm selling a set of 3 Card Captor Sakura Gashapon (it's incomplete since the original set was of 5 pieces), however, I got these three a while ago and I'm willing to sell it for a really cheap price, since its not so easy to get these lately.

If you're interested to buy just one figure you can do so, but I really recommend to buy the whole set, since it's really cute and it'd be cheaper than buy'em separately.

The Gashapon figures are from Card Captor Sakura' Second Ending "Fruits&Candy".

Item: Set of 3 Card Captor Sakura Gashapons (Tomoyo, Sakura & Kero) from the 2nd Ending "Fruits&Candy".

Used but well cared (they are not into the official boxes since I bought them without those, but I'll put them in separated little boxed to ship them to you)

$8 (United States Dollars) For the whole set {Shipping not included}

In the case you want to buy a single figure:
- Tomoyo & Kero $5 USD
- Sakura $4 USD

PayPal Only (tsuki.no.cookie@gmail.com) Please, read these tips before ordering. Thank you :D

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